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Cleaning precision.
Our cleaning professional staff is experienced, safe, licensed, and insured. Our priority is
providing the highest quality, of Marble, tile, Carpet , upholstery cleaning services,
at affordable prices.
We constantly update our  cleaning methods, and carpet and tile cleaning equipment to
guarantee your fine fabrics are cleaned  with the latest, advanced carpet cleaning
service methods available.

Your Floor represent a large investment, plus they add to the value, beauty and design of your
home. They deserve expert maintenance and treatment for long-term usage. We will preserve
your carpets year-in & year-out in sparkling new appearance no matter what the challenges
may be.
How should my carpets be cleaned?

Class A Carpet & Tile recommends regular vacuuming using an efficient domestic vacuum cleaner, however; even the best vacuum cleaners removes
only a fraction of the dust, dirt, pet waste, mites and other allergens in your carpet. There are millions of tiny insects and dirt particles that thrive on the stuff
your vacuum cleaner doesn't and can't remove. The only way to rid your carpet of these pests is expert and professional steam cleaning.

Because there are so many methods to clean carpets, you will require our professional technicians to recommend the best and safest cleaning method
for your investment. They will explain exactly what's going to be done and answer any questions you might have about your cleaning job. Class A Carpet &
Tile will provide you with the complete Carpet Cleaning Service that you expect from truly professional carpet cleaners. To see why we are the premiere
carpet cleaning service around check out our Carpet Cleaning page.
How about my furniture's upholstery?

No matter what type of furniture or upholstery fabric you have in your home, our technicians are trained to clean them properly and safely.
You never have to worry that your furniture will be ruined. To learn more about our upholstery cleaning service just click on the Upholstery
Cleaning link.
Pet Stains, Pet Urine & Pet Odor

Even the best pets have an accident now and then. Our Pet Stain Removal Service can help. We can remove many stubborn gruesome
stains that once seemed impossible to remove. Even difficult to remove Pet Urine, and Pet Odors can be safely extracted from your
carpets by our commercial grade truck mount hot-water extraction units. So if you have dog urine, cat urine, dog or cat spots, don't
worry, give us a call and we will take care of the problem. We also deodorize your carpets and rugs in order to remove the inevitable
odor that can build up in all carpets and rugs.
Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Types of Rugs We Clean
  • Hand-made including Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani, and Dhurry.
  • Machine-made including Wilton, Axminister, and Karastan.
  • Any area rug made from wool, virgin wool, silk, cotton, blends, nylon, and olefin.

How we Clean Area and Oriental Rugs ?

  1. Pre-inspect for type of material, material condition, dye stability, stains, and overall soiling to determine the correct cleaning agents to use to
    achieve the best results.
  2. Area and oriental rugs can be cleaned in-house or brought back to our facility. If in-house, we prepare the area and protect the surrounding floor
    and furnishings.
  3. Pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas.
  4. Complete steam rinse and extraction to remove soil and stains leaving rugs clean.
  5. Clean and brighten fringes
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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Solid hardwood floors repay a little care with a lifetime of value. When you first glimpse a solid hardwood floor, you sense
richness, warmth and natural beauty.

Where is the Shine? - We will bring it back. Regardless of the condition of your hardwood floors we can take care of them. We
have a special team of highly trained polishers and wood treatment professionals. We have years of experience on the hardwood

Class A Carpet & Tile, we offer all types of repair services from stripping to waxing to restore the natural beauty and warmth
only hardwood can give a home. We can do it all. Call today!!
Mattress Cleaning

In many cases these symptoms with a runny nose, watery eyes, headache or other typical allergy symptoms are caused by Dust
Mites that feed on the dead skin cells we shed while we sleep. These creatures are prevalent in mattresses because of the
amount of time we spend sleeping on them.

Class A Cleaning Services can clean the mattresses in your home and also treat them with an Anti-Allergen Post Spray
Treatment. This treatment de-natures dust mite allergens to prevent you from suffering so severely.
24 Hour Emergency Flood Service

Are you experiencing a water damage emergency from a leak  faucet, heavy rain and flood, fire damage, breaking of water pipes, overflowing toilet?
Water leaks can cause hidden mold and moisture on wood surfaces, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, paints, carpet, sheet rock and insulation. Water damage
should never be taken lightly. Not only can flood water cause damage to your home and business but it can also present a serious health risk.
In the case of a water leak emergency, you'll need someone skilled in flood and water extraction. Our first response cleanup crew is on-call and ready to
assist you in case of flood and mold emergency. Class A Cleaning Services. We've been rescuing homeowners and businesses for over 17 years.
Curtains and Draperies Cleaning Services

Curtains Catch a lot of household dust, soil and odors. Try the sniff test .Place the curtain fabric at your nose and smell. Does it
smile nice and fresh? Or, does it smell stale and offensive?
We can remove contaminants and odors leaving your curtains and draperies clean and fresh without the inconvenience of removing
and re- hanging.
We also have a cleaning machine to clean your Curtains and Draperies. We take down, clean and re-hang.
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~Pool deck pressure cleaning and stain

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~ New Home Construction

~ Time Share Cleaning

~ Condominium Cleaning
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